Athletic, Synthetic Turf & Putting Green Installation in Exeter, NH

Athletic, Synthetic Turf & Putting Green Installation in Exeter, NH

Over the years, Northeast Synthetic Turf has been offering quality installation services of athletic and synthetic turf for businesses and residents of Exeter, NH. When it comes to either improving your golf game, training for your beloved sport, having a better field experience, or just trying to have less yard work around your home, Northeast Synthetic Turf has the field solution for you! The turf we install is the best synthetic turf that is out on the market, guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for with little maintenance required. While turf is great for commercial use, the low maintenance qualities as well as how similar it looks to grass makes it a great option for residents in Exeter, NH as well. With our waterless grass and waterless grass for pets installation services, you can have a lawn or special area for your pet without having to worry about maintenance or hard cleanups!

Athletic Synthetic Turf Installations in Exeter, NH

When thinking of sports training and athletic facilities, we usually think of weights and turf fields. To have the best possible turf for your athletes, contact Northeast Synthetic Turf to have quality athletic turf installed in your facility today. What makes our turf special among the competition, is that our synthetic turf is longer lasting and of higher quality compared to other types of turf out in the market. Our installation crew has experience installing synthetic and athletic turf for high schools, town fields, athletic facilities and more in the Exeter, NH area. Over the years we have installed turf for the following:
  • Football fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Baseball Infields & Outfields
  • Town Multi-Use fields
  • College athletic practice fields
  • Synthetic grass for hotels & resorts
  • Indoor soccer facilities
  • Indoor training facilities
  • Indoor & Outdoor golf practice facilities

Indoor & Outdoor Putting Green Installations in Exeter, NH

For over 15 years, Northeast Synthetic Turf has been providing both indoor and outdoor putting green installations in Exeter, NH. As most avid golfers know, your short game is one of the most important aspects of golf, and something you will need to master if you want to shoot a good 18 holes of golf. The best way to get better is by practicing as much as possible. With the New England winters that we get around Exeter, NH it is hard to practice as much as we like. This is where our putting green services come in to help. By calling us today, you can have a putting green of your very own installed on your property or at your nearest athletic facility in Exeter, NH!

Artificial Lawns & Waterless Grass Installations in Exeter, NH

Looking for an easy lawn care experience in Exeter, NH? By installing waterless grass, or an artificial lawn, you can take the hassle of maintaining your lawn out of the equation and still have a lawn that looks beautiful. The synthetic turf we install is designed to look and feel like real grass without having to worry about any upkeep that actual grass lawns need. With a newly installed lawn with synthetic turf, you will have benefits such as:
  • No more mowing
  • No more brown spots
  • No more dead patches
  • No more weeds or weed-whacking
  • No more edging
  • No more crabgrass
  • No more fighting with shaded areas
  • No more costly landscaping bills
  • Completely Pet-Friendly

Waterless Grass For Pets Installation in Exeter, NH

Not looking for your whole lawn to be replaced but more of just a small section? Not a problem! Northeast Synthetic Turf’s waterless grass is a great addition for pool areas, patios, side yards, play areas, etc. On top of these areas, our waterless grass is a great solution for having a special area for your special furry friend. By installing waterless grass for your pet, not only will you get help with any cleanups but will also benefit from:
  • No dirt or mud on pets
  • No muddy paws being tracked in the house
  • Ideal place for pet baths due to the lack of mud
  • No standing water so pets can run around even after a storm
  • Prevention of pests such as fleas and ticks
  • Reduction of odor caused by pets
  • Moles and gophers stay away from the property
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