K9 Pet Friendly Turf Installation in Massachusetts

Learn About Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf For Outdoor Pets.

Pets and pet owners alike love our synthetic turf for dogs. Turf is great for both residential homeowners, apartment complexes, commercial dog kennels, and dog parks. Dogs love our turf because it is pet-friendly, and pet owners love our turf because it is easier to clean and maintain compared to a traditional lawn. 

What Makes K9 Turf, So Great For Dogs?

K9 Turf is one of the most popular turf choices for pet owners and properties looking to provide an indoor/outdoor space for dogs to play. This turf material is made for dogs, it is highly durable, drainable, and most importantly, it is safe for your pets. 

Dogs enjoying a sunny day on synthetic turf.

Benefits of K9 Turf For Pet Owners

There are a variety of benefits to artificial turf. For your dogs, artificial turf means a field with no risk of fleas, ticks, or other pests that bite. Your dog can enjoy a day of fun playing outside without having to worry about bugs getting into their fur. For pet owners, turf provides many benefits. Turf is not easily dug up, there is no dirt (which means no muddy paws), and your dog is unlikely to eat the turf the way they might eat grass. Consuming grass can make your dog sick and lead to a stomach ache for your pet. K9 turf is designed for pets and is highly durable. 

Of course, the first thing everyone asks when hearing about K9 turf is how do you handle the “messes”. K9 turf is as easy to clean as your typical yard, if not a little easier. K9 Turf is drainable, which means urine can be sprayed with a hose to push it towards the drainage. For more “solid” messes you handle them the way you already have in the past. Using a doggy bag you can pick up the feces to be thrown out later. Your hose can be used to wash away any leftovers on the turf. Additionally, a cleaning solution can be used to better clean the spot. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Friendly K9 Turf

Pet owners can rest assured that K9 turf is designed with their dogs in mind. Not only is it safe for your dogs, but it can actually be safer for them in a variety of ways. Some dogs will chew on grass and make themselves sick. As an alternative, turf cannot be chewed up. Additionally turf prevents various disease-carrying pests from biting your dog. 

One of the most common questions we hear about turf for pets is “how do I clean up the mess my dog makes”?  Cleaning up after your pet is as easy as it is with a regular yard (if not a little easier). K9 turf is made with drainage in mind, so you can simply use a hose to spray down areas that your dog has peed on. Cleaning solution can be used periodically for further cleaning. Obviously, fecal matter should be removed in the same way you would on a traditional lawn. 

One of the most common misconceptions about turf is that because it is synthetic it must be toxic or unhealthy for your outdoor pets. In fact, turf that is designed for pets is completely safe. 

Whether you have a natural yard or turf, pets and animals can cause some concern when it comes to damage. Many homeowners have watched as digging and playing has led to their natural yard being destroyed. By comparison, turf that is designed for dogs is designed to withstand their rough play. 

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