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Saratoga, NY Backyard Putting Greens

Northeast Synthetic Turf proudly offers backyard putting green installations in Saratoga, NY. Our waterless grass comes with a 10-year warranty and we offer no obligation estimates. We aim to provide the best quality synthetic turf for those seeking a quiet afternoon of golf. You won’t have any unnatural  grain breaks and the ball rolls true in every direction. Similar to the greens you play on everyday, the golf ball will “check up” and release.

At Northeast Synthetic Turf, we stay away from the synthetic turf that’s filled with sand and requires top dressing each year. In fact, sand filled greens can cost between $300-$400 per year! Our Mirage TourPutt requires NO top dressing so you can go all year without worrying maintenance.

We understand that golf lovers would like their backyard to perfectly replicate a professional putting green. Our professional synthetic turf installers will add real sand bunkers and chipping areas! Call Northeast Synthetic Turf today at (978)-360-1828 for backyard putting green installations in Saratoga, NY.