Waterless Grass for Pets

Waterless Grass for Pets

At Northeast Synthetic Turf, we understand the hassle of maintaining a pristine front and backyard. For homeowners with pets, the lawn can get completely destroyed leading to thousands of dollars in maintenance.

Waterless grass has become an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners as it is virtually maintenance free, comfortable for all pets and accentuates curb appeal. When working with our talented waterless grass installation team, we’ll walk you through the entire process while taking into consideration the following items.

  • Size of the pet
  • Size of the area for the animal to run around
  • How much time the pet spends in that specific area
  • Security measure for the pet
  • Preference of the product

We provide a wide array of artificial grass pet products, allowing pet owners the ability to choose the best product for their home.

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Benefits of Waterless Grass For Pets

In addition to the removal of brown spots on your lawn and the extinction of holes, there are a slew of advantages for purchasing waterless grass.

  • No dirt or mud on pets
  • No muddy paws being tracked in the house
  • Ideal place for pet baths due to the lack of mud
  • No standing water so pets can run around even after a storm
  • Prevention of pests such as fleas and ticks
  • Reduction of odor caused by pets
  • Moles and gophers stay away from the property

If you are in need of high-quality waterless grass in the New England region, contact Northeast Synthetic Turf. Let our experienced staff provide you with a quick, professional and affordable installation today!

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