How To Choose The Right Location For Your Putting Green

putting green in backyard with pool

How To Choose The Right Location For Your Putting Green

Are you looking to take your putt-putt and golf game to the next level with a personalized putting green installation? That’s an impeccable way to improve your golf game and view it as an amazing investment in creating a backyard oasis to be enjoyed by family and friends! However, this installation process comes with many questions, such as; What design features do I want? How many holes should I include? And most importantly, Where should I place my backyard putting green? That is why the artificial turf industry experts at Northeast Synthetic Turf have compiled a list of our top tips to help you pick your dream putting green location at your home!


Our Tips For Finding The Perfect Putting Green Location:


Determine The Size Of Your Green:

This step is the most important beginning part of this process. Before you know where to put your green, you must assess how big you want it to be. This will help you not choose an area of your land that is too compact or too large.

Survey Your Land:

To begin, we recommend surveying your front, side, and back land. This means taking a walk to observe what areas of your yard you use most. During this time, examine what areas of your yard you use most and which are left untouched. This will help you decide if you want to put your putting green in a high or low-traffic area of your yard space.

Pick A Spot Not Too Close To Your Home:

While a location close to your home may seem ideal, rolling out of bed straight to green to practice your short game. However, it may cause more fun than good. This is because stray balls, balls hit out of bounds, or balls hit with too much force can strike your home. Putting your green too close can cause unnecessary home improvement expenses that can otherwise be avoided.

Pick A Spot In The Sun:

Your putting green will need ample sunshine and light throughout the day. If it rains, you will want your green to dry quickly and efficiently. When your green is in the shade, it will take double, if not triple, the time to dry.

Plan For A Border:

Professional putt or golf courses have barriers that prevent unwanted animals, humans, and materials from entering the turf. Because let’s face it, you don’t want your furry friend or young child digging or poking your brand new turf. That is why we recommend you leave a border space around your green for a natural barrier such as hedges, rocks, planters, tall grass, or anything related to deter foot traffic.

Contact A Putting Green Professional

Once you have decided that you want to install a putting green in your backyard, you should contact a professional and certified putting green installer as soon as possible. By doing so, you are expediting the process, jump-starting it smoothly and efficiently. Meaning you will get to play putt-putt before you know it. If you are located in the Northeast area of the United States, call the expert team at Northeast Synthetic today! Northeast Synthetic is one of the original dealers for Mirage International. We guarantee that with our installation services and products, you will get the putting green of your dreams!


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