How To Create The Perfect Indoor Sports Arena With Turf

The Guide To Artificial Turf For Athletic Facilities

Are you looking to create a perfect gym space? A stunning indoor soccer field? A place where athletes can come and train? If so, planning to create an ideal indoor sports arena equipped with turf and other equipment is crucial for short- and long-term success. One of the most critical and principal components of these arenas is installing top-quality artificial turf, which adds value to your space and keeps it safe. To help you transform your space, the indoor turf experts at Northeast Synthetic Turf have compiled a list of our best tips to help you plan your next sports arena.


Determine How Much Space You Have

With your end goal in mind, you will want to survey your property to determine how big of a turf area you are looking to provide your athletes with. If you plan on hosting tournaments, ensure that you are planning for enough turf to meet the proper regulations. At Northeast Synthetic, we have a large variety of high-performance turf that is trusted by athletes all over, and we would be happy to help you measure how much turf you will need for your facility.


The Benefits Of Having Turf In Your Sports Facility


Indoor Turf Is Extremely Durable

Turf used both inside and outside is exceptionally long-lasting, durable, and designed to withstand even the toughest of workouts and games. Not only can it handle athletic events by not pulling up, but it is also resistant to fading and staining. Meaning it will look great for many years!


Turf Is Low Maintenance Compared To Alternatives

Unlike regular grass, artificial turf is very low maintenance and does not require even an ounce of maintenance compared to the real thing! This means you can say goodbye to watering, mowing, fertilizing, and the time spent caring for your grass.


Turf Is Versatile For Many Athletic Events

When you open or run a sports arena, you plan on hosting various events. Thankfully, artificial turf can provide you with the perfect solution! Wherever you need to sled train, run fitness classes, lift heavy, play a game of soccer, or much more, there are several turf options for you!


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