How to Keep Artificial Grass Looking Beautiful When it Rains

synthetic turf in backyard

How to Keep Artificial Grass Looking Beautiful When it Rains

Artificial turf needs little to no maintenance. The best feature is that dogs love it and homeowners never have to worry about pets tracking in mud or dirt. Let’s explore some other unique features of artificial grass.

Excellent Drainage

One of the major benefits of artificial turf is that there won’t be any puddling or pooling because the water rolls off the artificial turf quite easily. However, it’s important that the artificial turf is laid out the right way. It needs to be placed on the base so that the artificial turf can drain itself. Since your turf is protected from the rain, this makes it a perfect spot for entertaining because your guests won’t get wet or dirty.

Rain Washes Away

Whenever it pours out, the rain will actually wash the synthetic turf, making it look new and improved. If you’re in the middle of a dry spell, simply hose down the turf. Regardless if it’s incredibly dry out or there is some serious flooding, your turf is going to stay perfectly intact.

Easily Brush the Grass Up

Your artificial grass can flatten when there is a substantial amount of rain or when someone is laying on it for a significant amount of time. Once the rain subsides, you can brush the grass up  so it stands on its own and this ensures that the infill doesn’t get compacted. By brushing the grass up immediately, you can stop it from getting matted.

Snow & Ice Melts

If you leave snow and ice on the artificial turf until the temperature rises, it will simply melt without leaving any damage. If you do need to use the yard and there is ice or snow on it, all you need to do is remove the top layer with a shovel. You can sweep away the last inch or two with a brush without causing damage.


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