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an example of turf that needs to be replaced

What To Do If Your Artificial Grass Is Damaged

Homeowners and business owners often make the switch from a traditional yard to artificial turf. In fact, artificial turf provides a variety of benefits over a traditional lawn. For starters, artificial turf is easier to maintain and requires no watering, weeding, or mowing. However, some maintenance may be necessary if your artificial turf gets damaged. Preventing Damage For Your Artificial…

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athletic turf in a gym

Should Your Gym Get Athletic Turf?

As a gym, your goal is to provide the best workout experience for your members. There are many ways for a gym to stay competitive against nearby gyms. Better classes, better equipment, better staff, better location, and better price point, are all great places to start. One common upgrade that some gyms make is converting some of their space to…

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A dog on synthetic turf lawn

Is Synthetic Turf Right For Pet Owners?

Synthetic turf continues to grow in popularity throughout the east coast. Not only does it look better than a traditional lawn, but it is easier to maintain and does not require watering. However, there are a few questions that many homeowners often consider before switching to synthetic turf. One of the most common questions is whether or not you should…

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An image of a turf putting green

How To Maintain Your Home’s Putting Green

Any pro golfer would tell you that the key to taking strokes off of your game is to work on your short game. That is why so many golfers get a putting green added to their backyard. There are two options for installing a putting green in your backyard: synthetic turf and traditional grass. Each type has their own maintenance…

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Winter Upkeep Tips For Turf

When it comes to having artificial lawns and turf on your property, they give you the satisfaction of a great looking lawn without the hassle of maintaining it throughout the year. While turf usually comes with little to no maintenance in order to preserve it, there does need to be some precautions when it comes to the winter months. As…

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5 Creative Ways to Use Artificial Turf

When thinking of artificial turf, it can bring to mind pictures of athletic fields and golf courses. However, there are several more uses for waterless grass installation that you may not have considered. Here are 5 creative ways to use artificial turf. 5 Creative Uses For Synthetic Turf Creative Landscaping While waterless grass can obviously be used to cover an…

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4 Common Uses For Turf

When it comes to getting athletic or synthetic turf installed on your property for any user no matter residential, commercial or for an athletic facility there are many reasons to get it installed. If you are debating switching to turf or artificial lawns but are not sure of what is involved or why people switch, then be sure to read about…

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3 Benefits To Having Artificial Grass in The Summer

With it being the last month of the summer season, it is time to enjoy the outdoors while we still can with the weather being great as it has been. Get your picnic belongings ready and get ready to relax out on the lawn as you take in the sun before the colder months arrive. When it comes to the…

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putting green

6 Benefits of Installing a Putting Green

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is to work on the short game aspect of golf which is putting. The only thing that makes this hard is making time to go out to a driving range that has a practice putting green or go to a golf course with a practice green. With other aspects of…

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new artificial lawn

5 Benefits Of Installing Waterless Grass

Having a great looking lawn is something all homeowners want but to get that perfect looking lawn takes time and maintenance. While real grass lawns have their own benefits and aesthetics, there is a lot of upkeep and health maintenance that homeowners need to be aware of in order to have the lawn looking a healthy green. For those that…

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