Preparing Your Synthetic Grass For Summer

Preparing Your Synthetic Grass For Summer

Synthetic grass may not sound appealing at first, but for those interested in drought-tolerant landscaping, it is a great option. You don’t have to worry about the health of your lawn with synthetic grass and you save water. It requires very little maintenance and does not need any fertilizer or pesticides. The color of your grass will look good all season long. Let’s look at how you can prepare your synthetic grass for the summer.

Give it a Cleaning

Give your synthetic grass a good cleaning to keep it looking great. Spray off dust and pet waste with a garden hose, rake leaves and shrubs and treat your grass with turf deodorizer to make it clean and odor free. Do this once during the summer months and keep your lawn green, clean and inviting for summer gatherings.

Groom It

It is quite possible for the blades of your synthetic grass to flatten during the winter time and in high traffic areas of your lawn. You can simply groom the area of your synthetic turf that has become misshapen with a broom, brush or plastic rake.

Perform a Weed Check

Weeds are not a common problem with synthetic grass, however, you may find weeds growing around the edge of your lawn or even a few weeds that sneak through the small holes in the backing system. They are usually easy to remove because they cannot properly root beneath the turf.

Check for Damage and Seam Rupture

Though known for its durability (can last up to 20 years), it doesn’t hurt to check for any issues related to pulling, loosening or sagging spots on your grass. A very high volume of activity near the seam of your synthetic grass could cause some fraying, or poor installation to begin with.

Clean Pet Play Areas

Your pet’s feces and urine could be the culprit of unwanted grass odor. Hose down the play area with water every now and again, and deodorize their favorite spots with a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water. This will increase your pet’s synthetic grass lifespan, as all maintenance does.

Provide Shade for Your Grass

Partially or fully shading your synthetic grass to keep it cool during the summer months has its benefits. Planting shade trees or putting up an awning or canopy can minimize the warm temperature of your synthetic grass caused by direct sunlight.

Seasonal maintenance of your synthetic grass is important to keep it vibrant, clean and odor free for you and your family to enjoy. If you are interested in having synthetic grass or athletic turf installed in your home, contact Northeast Synthetic Turf today!

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