Synthetic Grass for Animal Facilities

Synthetic Grass for Animal Facilities

Many animal facilities like dog kennels or animal training centers are starting to realize the benefits that synthetic turf has to offer. These facilities obviously always have landscaping maintenance, cleaning, and just general upkeep they need to consistently perform. Synthetic turf can help these animal facilities save the time, money, and effort that is necessary with natural grass.


The first huge benefit of installing synthetic turf for an animal facility is just the dramatic decrease in maintenance needed. With natural grass, there are obviously those general landscaping duties needed such as mowing, trimming, seeding, etc. All this upkeep can be difficult for smaller facilities who may not have the resources or manpower. Also, if it is a dog kennel, for example, there may be dozens of dogs running around, tearing up the grass and just wreaking all sorts of havoc. With the installation of synthetic turf, you can avoid all those common landscaping tasks because there will be no need. Synthetic turf will stay the same, no need for mowing or anything! Also, the synthetic turf can withstand high traffic areas, meaning dogs running around will be no problem!


When dealing with animal facilities such as shelters or kennels, there is always bound to be a mess. The level surface of synthetic turf will make it very easy to clean feces. At days end also, simply hosing down the turf is an extremely effective way to clean the surface of any remaining feces and urine and get it ready for the next day. When natural grass gets torn up there can be patches of dirt and mud which can get all over animals who are playing outside. Synthetic turf eliminates any possibility of that.

Look and Feel

Some animal facility owners may have concerns about synthetic turf in general, but our synthetic turf is 100% safe for animals and it looks and feels exactly like natural grass. Animals will still feel completely comfortable on synthetic turf and if you’re a dog owner, you know how much dogs love to roll around on a nice luscious lawn!

If you’re an animal facility owner, and are sick of all the landscape maintenance and clean up, contact Northeast Synthetic Turf to talk about a synthetic turf design for you!

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