4 Common Uses For Turf

4 Common Uses For Turf

When it comes to getting athletic or synthetic turf installed on your property for any user no matter residential, commercial or for an athletic facility there are many reasons to get it installed. If you are debating switching to turf or artificial lawns but are not sure of what is involved or why people switch, then be sure to read about the four common uses of turf.

4 Uses for Athletic or Synthetic Turf

1. Not Only Athletic Turf

When most people think of artificial turf, they think of athletic turf being used for sports facilities, but that isn’t the only place where synthetic turf can be useful. One of the greatest strengths of having the turf installed is that it’s extremely low maintenance, so it stays looking beautiful and new throughout all seasons. It’s become a popular option for residential and commercial properties alike, due to its professional look and easy installation.
2. Residential Landscaping

As we all know, having a great-looking grass lawn can be A LOT of work to maintain, which is time- consuming. With artificial turf or waterless grass, you can have a lush looking lawn without any hassling with mowing or fertilizing.
3. Businesses

Owning a business is a ton of work and hiring landscaping crews can be costly. Many businesses have been turning to artificial turf to keep their business professional looking with minimal effort.
4. Dog Parks

Public and private dog parks alike have started to have synthetic turf installed, and having a turf spot for your pet at home is a great idea as well! Turf drains very well, so there aren’t puddles and mud left over after it rains. Clean up is also easy with the turf when your pet has to do their business.
5. Gyms

In a similar use to athletic turf in sports facilities, commercial gyms have started to install turf for its soft impact and traction. Athletic turf in gyms allow you to mimic sports drills that you’d typically need to practice outdoors, so gym-goers love it!

Other Applications for Synthetic Turf

The four common uses for turf that we listed above aren’t the only uses for turf, though, it can be useful all over your home or business. If you have a balcony in your home, you can have a patch of artificial turf installed to give your home a grassy space; this can be especially great if you have pets and can offer them at least a small patch of grass.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, maybe you’ve dreamt about having your very own putting green, with turf you can make that happen, and for a lot cheaper than you might think. You can work on your game year-round with turf because of how well it drains so that you won’t end up with a soggy green or divots.
Artificial Turf’s low maintenance and easy installation have made it much more common in everyday life, but there are still tons of places where this synthetic grass can stay green all year long! If you are interested in having athletic turf installed for you, give us a call today!

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