5 Creative Ways to Use Artificial Turf

5 Creative Ways to Use Artificial Turf

When thinking of artificial turf, it can bring to mind pictures of athletic fields and golf courses. However, there are several more uses for waterless grass installation that you may not have considered. Here are 5 creative ways to use artificial turf.

5 Creative Uses For Synthetic Turf

Creative Landscaping

While waterless grass can obviously be used to cover an entire lawn, there are other, more creative ways to use it in landscaping, even if you are not interested in entirely giving up natural grass. Consider using synthetic turf under tables and chairs in a certain part of your lawn. You can also sue it in strips to create a path through a garden, or even use it to create steppingstones. Turf can also be used to create borders, under birdbaths, or for any other oddly shaped landscaped area.


While you probably aren’t interested in turf installation in your living room, many homeowners have realized that it is a great flooring option in indoor/outdoor areas or basements. It is easy to clean and provides a unique aesthetic. It can also be used around pools and hot tubs.

Recreational Areas

Artificial turf comes in various lengths and colors. One unique way to capitalize on that is to build life-size game boards and play areas with artificial turf. Consider creating a life-size tic-tac-toe board for your family to enjoy. The possibilities are endless.


Many people like the look and feel of natural grass, but it isn’t exactly mobile. Turf cushions can be created for lawn furniture, picnic tables, or to be taken on-the-go for bleachers at sporting events. Turf is durable and will remain vibrant and green with very little maintenance.

Patio Yards

For those who live in a city environment, they may not have a yard at all. Consider adding synthetic turf to patios or balconies to create a yard. It can be cut to fit nearly any size and requires very little maintenance once it is installed. It is also not as expensive as you might think.

Artificial turf has many creative uses you may not have previously considered. It is very durable and low maintenance, meaning that it is well worth the investment. No matter what type of project you are considering artificial turf for, you are likely to find an installer who can make your vision happen.

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