5 Benefits Of Installing Waterless Grass

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5 Benefits Of Installing Waterless Grass

Having a great looking lawn is something all homeowners want but to get that perfect looking lawn takes time and maintenance. While real grass lawns have their own benefits and aesthetics, there is a lot of upkeep and health maintenance that homeowners need to be aware of in order to have the lawn looking a healthy green. For those that may not have the time to do these tasks, they should consider having artificial/waterless grass installed on their property. The turf and waterless grass provided by Northeast Synthetic Turf is designed to look and feel like real grass without the need for maintenance, making it a perfect solution! Here are five benefits to having an artificial lawn.

5 Benefits of Installing an Artificial Lawn

Lawn Health

The most known benefit of artificial lawns is the fact that they are not susceptible to diseases that natural lawns could be exposed to. If your lawn happens to get a disease, like Rhizoctonia, then you will have to put a great deal of time and energy to find the source and perform continuous maintenance tasks to make sure the disease goes away for good. In addition to that, natural lawns grow quickly meaning that there will be a need to mow the lawn throughout the summer as well as weed whacking. With waterless grass, there is no need to mow the law as the grass stays at one height and there is no need to fear for disease as artificial lawns aren’t susceptible to catching anything that will harm the grass.

Weeds & Pests

Probably the biggest pain with natural lawns is the presence of weeds and bugs/pests roaming in the grass. The soil the grass grows from overtime will eventually sprout weeds that will seem like they will never go away. That same soil and the grass that comes from the soil attract insects and pests that thrive in the soil. In turn, these pests will attract other wildlife that could damage your lawn by digging holes. With synthetic turf lawn, there is no need to fear for weeds or pests because the foundation the waterless grass sits on is weed-proof and won’t attract pests. This will allow you to spend your time decorating your property rather than getting rid of weeds and insects.


While we all know water is essential for natural lawns to thrive, too much of it could spell disaster. Just like with a flower in a pot, you do not want to over water the plant as it will harm it and the same thing happens with grass. In addition, if there is a lot of rain and too much water for the soil to suck up then you are left with muddy puddles in the grass. With artificial lawns, you won’t have to worry about that as there are drainage systems to prevent flooding during the rain.

No Fertilizer

As mentioned earlier, natural lawns need different types of maintenance to have a beautiful looking lawn. One of these tasks is buying fertilizer to keep the lawn looking lush. The great thing with waterless grass is that it is designed to stay green and lush with little to no maintenance required. Ultimately saving you loads of money over time.

No Pesticides 

With natural grass, you may be met with the instance of pests and other insects setting up shop in your lawn. This will cause for the use of pesticides in your lawn to get rid of them. If you are looking to stop spending money on these products and wish to avoid exposing guests to a pesticide ridden lawn, then an artificial lawn installation is your best bet. With waterless grass, you there will be no need for pesticides and you can enjoy your lawn without any worries.

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