6 Benefits of Installing a Putting Green

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6 Benefits of Installing a Putting Green

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is to work on the short game aspect of golf which is putting. The only thing that makes this hard is making time to go out to a driving range that has a practice putting green or go to a golf course with a practice green. With other aspects of everyday life getting in the way, you may not be able to have the time to practice this crucial part of your golf game. One easy way to solve this issue is by installing a turf backyard putting green on your property. Below are a few benefits of installing a putting green to help you with your golf game.

6 Benefits of a Backyard Putting Green

Choose The Style

A great advantage of a home putting green is that you have the option of choosing from a variety of styles of how you would like your green to look like. Artificial putting greens can be light or dark green color while being soft and smooth to the touch. You can also decide how big the green can be if you are trying to work on long or short putting.

Chemical Free

The biggest disadvantage of having real grass is that it is prone to insect infestation and will need chemicals to be applied to get rid of the infection. Whether you are using fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, etc. are all harmful to humans so if you have children or pets then you will want to look for a much safer option. With a backyard putting greens, you will not have to worry about any chemicals to keep it looking nice as the green is made of synthetic turf.

Enhance Your Home’s Value

One great aspect of installing this turf addition to your property is that it can instantly help enhance the value of our home. You can use it as a feature to increase the asking price of your home when it comes time to sell it as long as you keep the green looking clean without any debris.

Low Maintenance

With the putting green being made of high-quality athletic turf, there will be little to no maintenance required. This way you can enjoy your addition more than upkeeping it. With installing a putting green you will have a lower water bill as well as not having to keep the area cut as it will not grow any higher than the day it is installed. this will allow you to have more time to work on your game.

Improve Your Skills

The clearest benefit from installing a putting green in your yard is to improve your golf game. With your own green, you have endless amounts of time to go out in the back to work on your swing.


What makes putting greens such a hot summer installation request is that these putting greens are durable all times of the year. They can be installed in both temperate and tropical areas and while you may not use them during the rainy or winter months, but they will be durable to withstand the weather conditions as they are made from waterless grass.

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