5 Of The Best Applications For Turf


5 Of The Best Applications For Turf

Synthetic turf is becoming more and more popular. Whether it is simply replacing a backyard or being used by the NFL in their new stadiums, the clear benefits of maintenance-free landscaping are making turf more and more popular. As turf installers in Massachusetts, we are always excited to share the different benefits of turf installation. In this article, we will cover some of the best options for turf applications.

Custom Turf Putting Greens

Before we were Northeast Synthetic Turf Company, we were the New England Custom Putting Green Company. This is because we primarily worked on designing and installing putting greens. For any avid golfer or just for people who enjoy relaxing outside, a putting green is perfect for homeowners. No matter the size of your yard or space, or what landscaping elements you already have, we have found amazing ways to implement a putting green that compliments your home. Having your own putting green is perfect for when you have guests over or just relaxing after work.

Synthetic Turf for Athletic Facilities

More and more professional leagues are using turf for their athletic facilities. Because turf is low maintenance and is also standard in terms of traction, length, and other key factors, it is perfect for professional athletes. And if it is perfect for the professionals, it is also perfect for recreational leagues and other athletic facilities. Athletic turf is great for soccer fields, football fields, baseball diamonds, and more. A turf field means you never have to worry about mud or gopher holes causing issues with your field on game day.

Turf For Pet Kennels

Kennels and doggy daycares often are comprised of both indoor and outdoor areas. Turf provides many benefits for pets. Not only does the lack of dirt mean no muddy paws, but turf prevents ticks and fleas from bothering your pets. Plus, dogs love playing on turf fields the same way they play on grass.

Turf For Indoor Gyms

Another common application of turf is installing it for indoor gyms. Turf installation is perfect for mobility training, Bootcamp classes, and pushing weighted sleds. A small indoor turf installation is common in many gyms and it is common to see gym members use it for yoga, core classes, and other exercises that require a full range of movement.

Turf Installations For Front & Back Yards

Of course one of the most common turf installations is for a simple yard replacement. Compared to traditional lawns, turf provides many benefits. Not only does turf not require nearly as much maintenance but it is even better for the environment. Many of the things we do to take care of our natural lawns can be bad for the environment. Pesticides, weed killers, and mowing all-cause pollution while turf does not require these maintenance methods.

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