How Do I Maintain My Artificial Turf?

How Do I Maintain My Artificial Turf?

One of the main reasons people go with artificial turf is that it requires less maintenance than other lawn options. But less is not the same as zero. There are still some tasks that are commended to keep your turf clean and prevent damage to it over time. Your turf installation is an investment, so it is important to take proper care of it. Here are a few tips on how to tend your turf.

Clean Stains As They Happen

Over time it is common for stains to happen. Whether a pet uses your turf lawn as a restroom, a plate of food gets spilled over, or there is some grease/oil from your BBQ that leaks onto the turf, stains are pretty common. You should use a hose to spray off any residue from your turf and clean it with a cloth if needed. You can use a mix of water and detergent to remove oils and other compounds that are sticking to the grass. For solid waste, make sure to pick it up first and dispose of it before wiping it down the grass.

Cleaning Up After Your Pets On Artificial Turf

If you have outdoor pets or your neighbor does and they don’t understand boundaries, you might need to remove dog urine or fecal matter on a regular basis. Artificial grass is designed to drain liquid, so for urine, you can hose down the area to move the liquid away and wipe down the patch of grass with a clean cloth and detergent to remove potential odors. For feces, you should wait until it dries and then pick it up with a plastic bag. After it has been removed, you can spray down and clean the area that your pet used.

Rake And Clean Your Yard Regularly

Another way you can protect your artificial turf is by raking it and removing leaves, twigs, and other debris. Raking your artificial turf is an effective way to prevent damage over time. You should also clean high-traffic areas of your turf. If there are places where people tend to walk the most either because you walk your pets or it’s near your entrance or side door, you should clean these areas more often to remove any dirt or mud that might have been tracked from your shoes.

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