Why Artificial Turf Isn’t Just for Backyards

inground pool with putting green

Why Artificial Turf Isn’t Just for Backyards

Artificial turf is primarily seen on the golf course as well as outdoor lounging areas such as bars, restaurants and cafes, not to mention indoor training facilities. However, more and more homeowners are turning toward artificial turf to improve their curb appeal.

Artificial Turf is Versatile

When it comes to artificial turf, there are endless possibilities. It’s no longer just for the putting green or athletic fields, rather, artificial turf is being installed in the backyard. Dogs are man’s best friend and with that being said, we want to show our best friend some love and respect. Artificial grass is ideal for pets as they won’t be splashing around in the mud or leaving brown spots in the backyard. It’s also much softer than grass so animals love it!

If you’re constantly throwing parties and gatherings, there’s a good chance your guests will congregate to the backyard. When you’re out by the pool or an outdoor fireplace, the concrete on your guests’ feet can be unbearable. Having to walk back inside to grab shoes can just be annoying, especially in a larger house. There is no doubt that replacing concrete, brick, or a wooden deck with artificial turf is a safer, more aesthetically appealing option

Use Artificial Turf Both Indoors & Outdoors

Even driveways can incorporate artificial grass as you can intertwine it with pavement. Rather than having a hot driveway with burning asphalt, you’re boosting curb appeal with artificial turf and you’re saving the environment.

Since artificial turf doesn’t need sunlight or water, you actually don’t need to limit it to just the outdoors. You can cover the doghouse with artificial turf, use it for your kids playroom or incorporate it into your home’s decor.

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