Say Goodbye to Bugs with Synthetic Grass

Pavers cut into synthetic grass . Brookline MA

Say Goodbye to Bugs with Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass looks and feels like real grass. It is pet-friendly and doesn’t require any necessary landscaping efforts. Yes, no more mowing, weeding or edging. If this isn’t enough to convert you into an artificial grass connoisseur don’t worry… there’s more.

Insect Prevention

Synthetic grass can keep annoying insects out of your yard. No more ants or creepy crawlers. Synthetic grass does not require nearly as much water and has better drainage to get rid of excess water. This prevents standing water from accumulating, which can, in turn, cut down on the number of mosquitoes that thrive off of still water. Synthetic grass also does not use soil, instead, a patented blend of synthetic materials used as a soil replacement. Insects feed off of the nutrients and bacteria found in soil, but with synthetic grass, there is no soil, which means no insects! There will of course still be insects but there will be a dramatic decrease in the number of bugs in your lawn.

Animal Prevention

Another problem that many people face with their lawns are animals burrowing throughout their yard and destroying grass, plants, and roots in the process. Again, because synthetic grass does not use natural soil, it prevents burrowing creatures from accessing your yard. Like insects need soil, so do certain small animals. If you choose synthetic grass there will be way fewer animals and insects tormenting your yard.


If you’re sick of nasty insects crawling around your yard, or animals digging up your lawn, then it may be time to consider synthetic grass. Or if you’ve just had enough with tedious landscaping work and non-stop maintenance. Give the experts a call here at Northeast Synthetic and ask us about our synthetic grass packages!

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