Why Athletes Trust Synthetic Turf

an example of turf that needs to be replaced

Why Athletes Trust Synthetic Turf

Many athletes of different types of sports play on turf. Turf can be a better alternative to regular grass because it requires less maintenance especially if the athletes are wearing cleats. There are definitely other benefits of turf over grass; read below for more information. 


Turf is known to require less maintenance in comparison to grass. Grass requires consistent fertilizing, weeding, watering, and much more. This may entail high expenses and even a maintenance crew for large-scale fields. Turf involves little maintenance which in turn has lower cost expenses. No need for an extra crew or difficult upkeep. 

Little Downtime 

Not only is natural grass a lot of upkeep, it can also get damaged easily. Athletic shoes such as cleats can rip up patches of grass which will require reseeding and time for regrowth. This reduces the amount of playing time and space for athletes to train on. Harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain, can also negatively impact natural grass. Rain can cause mudding that can lead to slips and injuries. Additionally, the mixture of rain and athletes running all over the natural grass can cause damages that’ll take a while to repair. With turf, athletes do not have to worry about damaging their playing ground. They can continue to train and play with a smaller risk of injury. 

Quality Alternative 

Quality and properly installed turf can feel comfortable and natural to athletes. It is a great alternative to natural grass outdoors and allows having realistic-looking grass indoors. It is harder to maintain grass indoors for obvious reasons: little to no sunlight, no option to water and fertilize without mess, etc. If an arena has an indoor field, it is more than likely to be using synthetic turf. With turf, we have more versatility and options when it comes to playing on grass. 

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