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Putting Green In Your Basement

Benefits of Installing an Indoor Putting Green

With the weather getting colder and the sun coming up later and going down sooner, it isn’t as fun having a 6:00am tee time. If you had the option to play golf in the comfort of your home or on a cold dark golf course, which would you choose? Now having an indoor putting green is not only possible, but there are so many different options of indoor putting greens to install. Besides having the ability to practice your putting in your pajamas, here are some benefits of installing an indoor putting green in your home:

  • Practice Makes Perfect- Whether you are a golfer who doesn’t go one week without getting  18 holes in or you are just learning to play, having an indoor putting green is a great practice tool to improve your short game. With an indoor putting green you have the time and comfort to perfect your footwork and swing.
  • No Weather Affect- Indoor putting greens allow you to practice or play in any weather condition. No longer will you need to cancel a reserved spot at a country club because there is a foot of snow on the ground. Now rain or shine, light or dark, you can golf whenever you would like.
  • Entertaining Piece- If you are entertaining guests, having an indoor putting green is a great way to entertain and impress guests. An indoor putting green gives off the sense that you are wealthy and interesting.
  • Family Fun- Who needs mini-golf when you have your own personal indoor putting green. Indoor putting greens are a great way for parents and children to bond, whether you are teaching them how to play or just having fun.

If you have any questions about indoor putting greens or would like any information about our indoor putting green installation services please contact us.