Artificial Turf for Your Dog

Artificial Turf for Your Dog

Many pet owners have begun installing artificial turf on their lawns and a fence, allowing dogs the opportunity to run around. The dogs can now go to the bathroom without any damage to the lawn and they aren’t stuck on a leash.

The best artificial turf for dogs has a height of 1-1.25 inches. It’s less expensive to choose synthetic turf that has a lighter face weight because it is cheaper. Face weight is the measure of how dense synthetic turf is. However, the turf will not be as soft. The lower the face weight, the more likely the turf is to wear and tear. If you do have enough to replace the turf, in the long run, you will be saving a bundle of money.

Some benefits of artificial turf for dogs include:

  • No watering
  • No trimming
  • No fertilizing
  • No reseeding
  • No discoloration

The best part of artificial turf is that it maintains odor control. Since it has a loose, woven backing, artificial turf allows waste to absorb into the soil by filtering out of the mesh backing.

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