How to Clean your Synthetic Turf?

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How to Clean your Synthetic Turf?

If you have taken the leap and installed new artificial turf, first of all, congratulations! We hope you got your new synthetic turf through Northeast Synthetic Turf. Either way, we are confident that you are enjoying all the benefits and ease that come with owning a synthetic lawn. One of the main questions we get from new synthetic grass owners is how to keep the grass looking brand new?

Common Landscape Tasks

Although many of the benefits of owning a synthetic lawn are that there will be no more landscape duties that are associated with owning a real grass lawn, there are still some basic landscaping tasks that you will need to keep up with to keep your synthetic lawn looking fresh.


For leaves and other natural debris that tends to accumulate on lawns, you can use a rake or leaf blower to clean them off. Synthetic turf is strong and durable and will not be damaged by leaf rakes.


Believe it or not, brooms work great at clearing off synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is a consistent solid surface; therefore, you can easily sweep debris off of it. Strong brooms should be used to clear synthetic turf, handheld power brooms are a very effective cleaning method.


Simply hosing down your synthetic turf once in a while is a great way to clear off smaller dust and debris from your synthetic turf. After you rake or broom off the surface, give it a rinse and it will look as good as new!


These simple landscape maintenance steps will help keep your synthetic lawns looking lusciously green for a long time. Keep up with general maintenance and hygiene and your lawn will be fine, and it will be a lot less hassle than having a real lawn, we can promise you that! If you are interested in a synthetic lawn or need help with cleaning and maintenance of your own synthetic lawn, contact Northeast Synthetic Turf today!

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