Does Synthetic Turf Harm Tree Roots?

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Does Synthetic Turf Harm Tree Roots?

A big reason why homeowners think about installing synthetic turf is the inability to grow grass in their yard. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, but one possibility is the looming presence of a large tree that is either blocking the sun, preventing the grass from receiving necessary nutrients to grow, or has roots along the surface or close to the surface impeding grass growth and hogging nutrients. Now, while one option may be to cut down the tree, freeing the grass to all the sunlight and nutrients it needs. Another, more practical option is to install synthetic grass. Homeowners will not have to struggle to find a way to make the grass grow without uprooting their beloved tree. One question we do get quite often though, is will the synthetic grass harm the tree roots?


Installing synthetic turf near a tree or to cover up tree roots is an option that many homeowners consider exploring. They often have concerns as to whether the synthetic turf will harm the tree roots in any way. Northeast Synthetic Turf uses only the finest synthetic products and our work shows it. Not only does our synthetic turf look and feel like natural grass, but it acts like it to. Our synthetic turf has excellent drainage and porous qualities as to allow nutrient-rich water to flow through the turf into the natural soil below. This ensures that the roots in the topsoil receive adequate nutrients to survive and thrive.


One concerning factor may be the temperature, as synthetic grass can get extremely hot on warm days and retain the heat for some time. Although in the Northeast, it’s not as much of a factor because our days never reach scorching temperatures, it is something to keep in mind for those unseasonably hot days. For warmer climates though, the constant high temperature and heat retention can damage roots below the synthetic turf surface.

If you have annoying surface roots or a tree that just doesn’t seem to want any grass around it, contact Northeast Synthetic Turf today! Our team will expertly install your new lawn and you won’t need to worry about your tree roots being damaged!

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