Dealing with Snow and Ice on Synthetic Turf

Dealing with Snow and Ice on Synthetic Turf

November is the signal that winter is here as the temperature begins to drop and the snow starts to fall. This change of season means your synthetic turf, whether found on the putting green course, throughout your backyard, or on a coveted sports field, will soon be dusted and covered with snow. No matter where it is installed, synthetic turf is a proper investment for you and your property and must be treated as such. This is why the athletic turf and artificial grass experts at Northeast Synthetic Turf have compiled our industry’s top tips to help you carefully remove snow and other winter elements from your turf this season.


How Do I Remove Snow from My Turf?


Check With Your Manufacturer

Your first and initial step to removing snow is to check with the installer and manufacturer of the turf. You will want to ensure that there are no specific measures you need to take to protect your turf. Doing so will also inform you of any required policies and procedures, so you do not disrupt any possible warranty.


Do Not Regularly Plow

It is important to note that you should not, under any circumstances, use a plow to remove snow from your artificial grass or synthetic turf. Plowing not only can tear the turf fibers, but it may also put you at risk of violating your warranty.


Tarp The Field

While you may not always know if snowfall is on the horizon, if you are aware, you should tarp the fields to make snow removal more manageable and less damaging on the grass blades, saving you lots of time and money in the long run.


Use A Plow With PVC Pipe

As stated above, you will want to use something other than a regular plow. Instead, you will want to use a snowplow that is covered with a half-round PVC pipe. This PVC will protect the blades and should be secured to the machine with straps. You then will need to ensure that the edge is hovering above the surface; that way, the edge does not directly go into the ground or contact the turf.


Shovel The Excess

Because you are not using the plow to impact the ground directly, you will need to shovel away the excess snow piles. Depending on your time restraints, you may also let it melt directly into the turf.


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