How To Care For Your Turf In The Winter

How To Care For Your Turf In The Winter

Living in New England calls for a range of seasonal changes, including the harsh winter. When the snow begins to fall, it may seem unnecessary to care for your synthetic grass as it is buried underneath mounds or snow. However, your turf/ artificial grass is something you should pay attention to! To ensure come springtime that your grass is in tip-top condition, you will need to properly care for it during the winter. To help you have the greenest grass on the block, the expert team at Northeast Synthetic Turf has compiled a list of our top tips to help you properly care for your turf this winter.


How Do I Care For My Turf In The Winter?


Shovel Off The Snow

Snow, over time, dissolves and will either run off or drain into your artificial turf installation. However, you will want to remove most of the snow on your grass to ensure proper care. This removal is especially important if you have a dog that needs to go out or if you need to utilize the grass for other needs. It is crucial not to shovel harshly as you may damage what is beneath.


Aerate Your Grass

If you have a section of your lawn that is real and not synthetic, you will want to aerate your lawn. When you aerate your grass, you remove plugs of soil from your property. This process then allows the dirt found below to be looser, enabling airflow and water to reach the grass.


Prepare Early

Fall is a fantastic time to begin your winter lawn prep, as you will have adequate time to prepare to the best of your ability, protecting your turf or lawn. If you need repairs, advice, or turf treatment heading into the winter, call the NE Synthetic team today!


Keep The Turf Clean

Keeping your synthetic grass free from debris or natural materials may seem like a given, but it is often not thought about. Before the snow begins to fall, you must remove any leaves or sticks from your grass. When left on the grass, the leaves can trap moisture and can invite disease to spread.


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