Should Your Gym Get Athletic Turf?

athletic turf in a gym

Should Your Gym Get Athletic Turf?

As a gym, your goal is to provide the best workout experience for your members. There are many ways for a gym to stay competitive against nearby gyms. Better classes, better equipment, better staff, better location, and better price point, are all great places to start. One common upgrade that some gyms make is converting some of their space to include synthetic turf. In this article, we will go over the benefits of installing athletic turf, great turf workout programs, and the value to your members to have a strip or section of your gym dedicated for indoor turf workouts.

Benefits of Gym Turf

There are many reasons gyms across the northeast have been adding synthetic turf to their facilities. First, indoor turf provides year-round workout potential for athletes. Whether it is the cold winter or the sweltering summer, athletes rely on indoor gyms to help them train and improve. Turf provides a variety of workout options as well as a space to lead new classes for students. Turf is trusted by the NFL to test athletes during the combine because it acts just like regulation fields. And of course, a gym that is always adding new elements has higher retention of members.

The Best Indoor Turf Workouts

Your turf is only valuable if it gets used. That is why it is important to provide the right supplement equipment and classes to your members. Healthy workouts are all about matching consistency with variety. Every gym knows the importance of providing options for their customers. Consider some of the following workouts that you can encourage your members to try out.

  • Weighted Sleds: One of the most common indoor turf workouts are sleds. There are so many ways to utilize an indoor sled for full-body results. Using a rope, you can pull a sled for a strong upper body workout. And sled lunges are great for lower back, hamstrings, and chest.
  • Cone Workouts: If you don’t own a weighted sled, a simple exercise is cone drills. With just a few orange cones, you can run a variety of agility-based circuits. The NFL includes the three-cone drill and the 20-yard shuttle in their yearly combine to test young athletes for good reason.
  • Agility Ladders: Another great agility workout utilizes a simple rope ladder. There are a variety of options on how to use the ladder including the centipede and the ickey shuffle.
  • Bootcamp: A turf plot is also a great place to lead a core class, upper body class, or your other full-body programming. Many gym members prefer turf to harder flooring.

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