Is Synthetic Turf Right For Pet Owners?

A dog on synthetic turf lawn

Is Synthetic Turf Right For Pet Owners?

Synthetic turf continues to grow in popularity throughout the east coast. Not only does it look better than a traditional lawn, but it is easier to maintain and does not require watering. However, there are a few questions that many homeowners often consider before switching to synthetic turf. One of the most common questions is whether or not you should get synthetic turf if you have outdoor pets. If you have dogs or other outdoor pets there are a few things to consider before getting artificial turf.

Will Pets Ruin Synthetic?

Dogs often cause damage to lawns. Between digging holes and ripping up a lawn, it is common for people considering turf to worry that their investment will be torn up by their dog. There actually are specific turf types designed to be resilient to pets that try to dig up the turf. If you work with the right company they can provide turf options that are designed for different types of pets. A variety of factors can be used including the size of the pet, the breed of dog, and how much time the pet spends outdoors. By going over these factors, your turf company will be able to recommend the best turf option for you.

Does Synthetic Turf Make It Harder To Clean Up After Your Pets?

One of the most common questions we get from pet owners is whether or not cleaning up after them is possible with turf. Turf actually is very similar to traditional lawns when considering how to clean up after your pet. You will still have to use plastic bags to clean up solid messes, and then use a hose to sanitize the area. But as for liquid mess, there are pet-friendly add-ons that allow for absorption and draining. Some homeowners even install smaller sections of turf that are designed to be the pet’s area for their business.

Is Synthetic Turf Safe For Cats & Dogs?

Generally speaking, artificial turf is usually designed to be non-toxic. So if your outdoor pet enjoys licking or chewing on the artificial grass surface they should be fine. However, it is important to check with your turf provider that you are getting the right kind of turf. Older and imported turf products sometimes contain lead which could lead to lead poisoning. Contact your turf provider to discuss the safety of their turf.

What Are The Benefits Of Synthetic Turf For Pet Owners

Synthetic turf offers many benefits to pet owners. Waterless turf for pets means no muddy footprints getting tracked into your home. It also makes cleaning your pet easier. Your turf is the perfect place to bath your pet mess-free. Unlike a traditional lawn, your dog will not be able to eat synthetic turf and get sick like they would when eating grass. Synthetic turf also lowers the risk of fleas and ticks as well. Overall synthetic turf is actually better for your housepet than a traditional lawn because it is easier to maintain and safer for your pet.

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