How To Clean Artificial Turf In Gyms and Indoor Sports Facilities

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How To Clean Artificial Turf In Gyms and Indoor Sports Facilities

Artificial/synthetic turf has become increasing in popularity over the past years, especially for elite gyms and other indoor athletic facilities. However with indoor turf installation comes cleaning it, as keeping your turf pristine and free of debris is essential in keeping healthy and happy athletes. The expert team at Northeast Synthetic Turf has been installing athletic turf that is long-lasting and high quality and performs better than real turf for over 20 years, and we are happy to provide facility owners with our industry tips on how to clean and care for your artificial turf.


4 Tips To Clean Artificial Turf


Vacuum Debris

Cleaning your artificial turf is much easier than you would think, even easier than cleaning real grass! If you notice surface soil or debris spread out or accumulating on your indoor turf, simply vacuum the turf. You can vacuum the turf just as you would a carpet. This will lift anything left behind on the turf, removing the debris while not harming the fibers of the turf.


Spot Treat Stains

We understand that accidents happen and minor spills happen whether a drink is spilled or food falls. However, it is important to clean up and disinfect the area immediately. If the stain is there from a waterborne product, mix cold water and detergent and use a sponge to clean the spill. Make sure the detergent is diluted enough so that it does not create a ring in your turf.


Brush flattened surfaces

If your turf has become matted down or flattened due to activities, brush the flattened grass against the grain to push the bristles back up. This will recreate the look of fluffy just installed turf that will be sure to last the test of time.


Inspect the Turf

Inspecting the turf daily is a great way to ensure the health and safety of your customers. When you are inspecting the turf it is important to check for any uneven areas or seams in the turf. Uneven distribution of the turf can be dangerous to its users as the changing levels of infill can potentially cause them to trip.


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