Backyard Trends of 2023

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Backyard Trends of 2023

As the new year is here, so are the backyard trends for 2023. In the past year there has been a great interest coming from home and property owners to utilize there outdoor spaces, whether in the front or back of the home. The interest is mainly due to the more work-from-home atmosphere that has come about in the past few years. This gives us all more time to enjoy the outdoors, which is why it is so important to let your personality shine in 2023. If you are looking to add 2023 trends and unique features to your outdoor area, check out our picks for backyard trends of 2023.


5 Trends for Your Outdoor Space in 2023:



Sustainable living has never been more important to home and property owners than now. We expect to see homeowners put the planet first in 2023 with biodiversity, naturalistic planting, and bio-based materials within their backyard landscapes.


Greek Inspired Landscape

Greek-inspired backyard landscapes are all the rage for 2023! This trend will highlight the beauty of nature and include statues, garden walls, and archways. Expect to 


Synthetic Turf 

Expect to see a large rise in properties installing synthetic turf. Due to the low maintenance and easy upkeep, installing synthetic grass gives you and your loved ones more time to have fun and less time worrying about the grass being mowed or dead. If you are looking for the best artificial grass installer, look no further, the expert team at Northeast Synthetic can walk you through the entire installation process as well as discuss all the benefits artificial grass will provide you. To learn more contact us today at 978-360-1828.


Cost Efficient Gardening 

As the cost of living continues to rise day after day, we expect many property owners that are interested in gardening to choose lower-cost options when they head to the gardening center. Expect to see fewer short-lived plants and more long-term plants such as perennials, or secondhand/discount flowers.


Sanctuary Spaces

Self-care and mindfulness have gained popularity in the past year and we can expect to see homeowners discover sanctuary gardens for their backyards. Outside air is so refreshing for the mind and body, no matter what size or shape a backyard is, expect to see people create spaces where they can immerse themselves in nature. This includes adding water, using a soothing and soft color palette, and utilizing various textures that have a calming effect.


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