How To Maintain Your Indoor Sports Field

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How To Maintain Your Indoor Sports Field

Maintenance is genuinely the name of the game when it comes to athletic fields, specifically athletic turf fields. No matter what sport, season, or conditions, having the proper equipment, maintenance checklist, tools, and team is critical to having a successful and safe athletic turf field and environment. These steps and maintenance operations are necessary for turf and synthetic grass in indoor and outdoor sporting areas to become incredibly safe, leading to injuries and falls. We want you to have a safe and reputable athletic field, which is why the synthetic turf experts at Northeast Synthetic Turf have compiled our top maintenance playbook to help you ensure you are properly maintaining your synthetic turf field.


How To Care For Your Athletic Field:


Establish A Maintenance Routine

Having and establishing a well-thought-out maintenance care routine for your synthetic turf athletic field is essential. This checklist will serve as a routine to help you properly maintain the turf to the best of your ability, improving the playing field and condition. This checklist should include a day-to-day breakdown, monthly checkups, and scheduled deep cleans.


Set Aside A Budget For Deep Cleans

Having a budget-backed plan is critical when your field needs a little extra deep cleaning. Setting aside these resources and budget will allow you to replace or replenish any necessary or needed repairs.


Inspect The Turf Regularly

Every athlete and maintenance team knows that a worn-out and uneven turf playing surface dramatically impacts the level of play, no matter the sport. Conducting observations and inspections of the athletic turf is very important as it allows you to detect any potential or upcoming problems with the turf. This regularly scheduled inspection saves you time and money in the long run, as you can tackle these issues immediately.


Conduct Regular Cleanings

Being indoors means no outdoor elements such as leaves or sticks; however, indoor athletic turf must still be well maintained and cared for. Whether someone spills a drink, drops their food, or falls and bleeds on the turf, cleaning your turf is essential to having a safe and clean playing field.


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