How to Repair Your Turf:

How to Repair Your Turf:

Are you noticing wear and tear on your pet-friendly turf, putting green, athletic turf, or waterless grass? Here at Northeast Synthetic Turf, we understand that life happens and with that comes to damage to your beloved turf. In most cases, it is very difficult to damage your turf or synthetic grass, thankfully if it does occur it is an easy fix. To properly repair your turf follow the steps below:

  1. Identify where the damage is on your turf. 
  2. Find a perfect color match for your turf. This will be the hardest part of replacing your turf as each synthetic turf has a different color to it. 
  3. Cut out the damaged section of your turf. If the section is a smaller size it will be an easier fix. However, if it is a large section of your turf, it would be best to call a turf professional. You can call us at 978-360-1828 for a risk-free quote on how we can assist you with your larger repair needs.
  4. Clean out the infill of the old turf. This will give a professional finish to your project.
  5. Check which direction the tufted fibers or gauges are running in your turf or lawn area. By doing so you will ensure you are placing the new turf section in the right position, giving it a seamless look.
  6. Cut the new piece of turf to the same size as the piece that was removed.
  7. Run adhesive along the seams of the turf and place the new synthetic turf into the area.
  8. Save your remaining new turf if you run into this problem again.

How to Keep Your Turf Safe:

The best way to ensure that you will not have to replace or repair your turf is by trying your best to not damage it in the first place. Some potential sources of damage include but are not limited to barbecues, as burns can occur if you keep the hot barbecue coals too close to the turf. Sharp tools, if you are working on planting flowers or tending to a garden, watch your sharp tools as they can damage or cut the turf.

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