Why Installing Synthetic Turf is Great For Your Furry Friend!

Why Installing Synthetic Turf is Great For Your Furry Friend!

Installing waterless grass/ artificial turf can revolutionize your backyard for your pet. By installing turf you are creating a safe chemical-free environment for your furry friend, giving them the best playground to run, roll, and play! Here at Northeast Synthetic Turf, we understand that front lawn and backyard maintenance is a hassle, which is why we offer top-of-the-line turf installation that is perfect for pets. Our expert team has the ability to walk you through the entire installation process as well as ensure your pet has the right amount of space and security needed to be the best version of themselves.

3 Reasons You Should Install Synthetic Turf For Your Pet:


  1. Appearance: Say goodbye to dead patches and yellow spots. Unlike real grass, synthetic waterless grass will not die to wither when your dog pees. Instead, your grass will remain the same vibrant crisp looking green no matter where your pet goes to the bathroom. Because the artificial grass does not soak in your pet’s pee, you will have to occasionally hose down the area where your dog pees the most to eliminate the odor that can arise.
  2. No Harmful Chemicals: Real grass means harmful lawn chemicals that are harmful to your furry friend. Real grass requires herbicides and chemicals to kill weeds and fertilizer to bring it back to life, all of which are harmful ingredients. Because artificial grass does not allow for the growth of weeds so you can rest assured that your lawn will be a safe environment for your pets. 
  3. Maintenance: Waterless grass is practically maintenance-free and can withstand even the most playful pet. Turf is much more resilient than grass which allows it to not be affected by your pet’s claws, nails, or paws. Also, turf does not easily separate which prevents your pet from digging through, so no more annoying holes!

Installing synthetic waterless grass is a great way to combine aesthetic curb appeal, resiliency, and durability all while keeping your furry friend happy and healthy. Contact us today to create the playground of your pet’s dreams!

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