Is Turf Good For Recreational Fields?

Is Turf Good For Recreational Fields?

Here at Northeast Synthetic Turf we intall a variety of different applications of turf for our clients. This includes various types of athletic turf. One common use for turf nowadays is to use it for athletic fields and gyms. Turf has come a long way over the last few years, and now most professional sports stadiums that are built use turf. And for similar reasons, many recreational fields are also using turf. In this article, we will cover the various benefits of turf fields for athletic events, and more information on turf installation. If you need turf installed near you, give us a call.

Benefits of Athletic Turf For Recreational Fields

One of the key benefits of recreational turf is how easy it is to maintain. Recreational fields spend thousands of hours and dollars every year to keep their fields maintained. Mowing, weeding, and other maintenance can cost a lot of money year after year. Turf does not need to be mowed, does suffer from weeds, and it also doesn’t need to be watered. Additionally, turf doesn’t become uneven the way a normal field does. But another reason people choose turf is that it is more environmentally friendly. The water, pesticides, and energy used to maintain a natural field has a lot more negative impact on the environment that the production of turf. Overtime turf provides a more balanced experience for athletes, requires less work to maintain, and is better for the environment.

What Determines How Much Turf Costs?

The cost of a turf field is determined by three different factors: materials, labor, and size. Different types of turf have different quality and therefore different costs. For example, many athletic turf installations are designed with turf made especially for athletic use. Athletic turf often differs from pet turf or the turf used for a front yard. The next thing to consider is the labor costs for installation. Rates often are different based on the local competition for turf installation. You want to make sure you hire a team that is experienced and can provide you with a great turf field. The final factor for cost is the size and shape of your field. A simple and small field is going to cost less than a more complex or large design.

Turf Installation Services in Greater Boston

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