Pros & Cons Of Backyard Putting Greens

Pros & Cons Of Backyard Putting Greens

One of our most popular projects is installing synthetic turf that can be used as a backyard putting green. Hundreds of our clients have fallen in love with their backyard putting greens. But one question many people have is whether they should simply get an artificial yard or a full putting green. And if they go for a putting green, what percentage of their yard should be dedicated to the putting green vs other outdoor activities like a pool, grill space, patio, etc. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of outdoor personal putting greens for your home.

Pros of Outdoor Putting Greens

Let’s start with all the great reasons to get a putting green installed at your home. For starters, switching to artificial turf (with or without holes for golfing) has many benefits over a traditional yard. Turf is much easier to maintain than a traditional yard. It requires no mowing, weeding, or pesticides. It stays green year-round and looks great! And if you are a pet owner, turf means no fleas, ticks, muddy paws, or torn-up yards. But, putting greens provide other unique benefits. First and foremost, if you are an avid golfer, your own putting green means a place to practice, unwind, and spend time with your friends. Additionally, a putting green with unique elements like sand bunkers or curves/hills that accent your other landscaping elements. It can bring a wholly unique look to your outdoor area, and can be the talk of your summer family BBQ.

Cons of Outdoor Putting Greens

First and foremost, a putting green might not be right for you, if you don’t enjoy golfing. Additionally, if you are planning to re-sell your home, you will want to think about how a putting green might affect re-sale value. While turf can actually increase the value of a home by providing a beauitufl, maintenance-free, yard, putting greens can be a bit more devisive. It may limit your potential buyers, as some buyers might want to have the putting green removed with a traditional turf yard, while others might love your putting green especially if it has a unique and interesting design.

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