Putting Green FAQ

Putting Green FAQ

Northeast Synthetic Turf Company has been providing putting greens in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York, for over 25 years. Before we changed our name to Northeast Synthetic Turf Company we were North East Custom Putting Greens. And although we have expanded to providing a variety of turf options for our clients, we still get a lot of inquiries and questions about putting green installations. Here are a few of our answers to the top asked questions we hear:

Is My Yard Large Enough For A Putting Green?

This is by far the most common question we hear. We have worked with yards of all sizes and shapes, and in many cases we have found some creative and beautiful ways to install a putting green. However, the best way for us to answer that question is for you to contact us with the dimensions of your yard.

Do Synthetic Putting Greens Play Like Natural Greens?

Yes, the products we use for synthetic putting greens are designed to mimic the feel and resistance of a natural green on the golf course. In fact, we make sure to use the highest rated products that have received their popularity due to their authentic feel.

How Long Does It Take To Install Turf?

Turf installation projects vary based on size and manpower. Generally, 3-6 weeks is the industry average. But it can be more or less depending on the complexity and size of the installation. With putting greens there is also a design element to turf installation that may add more time to the overall project.

How Much Does A Custom Putting Green Cost?

There are honestly too many factors to give a strict ballpark number for artificial turf and putting green installations. First, we have to consider the size of the installation. Then we have to discuss the different materials and types of green we use. There are also costs for design and for the actual installation process. The material itself can run 15-40 dollars per square foot, but any additional features could alter that cost. The best way to get an idea of the cost is to ask for a quote.

Get Putting Green Quotes From Northeast Synthetic Turf Company

Have questions about custom putting greens? Or looking for a quote? We would be happy to provide both. Simply call our office or send us a contact form to discuss your project in greater detail. We always look forward to starting new projects throughout our service area.

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