5 Ways To Work On Your Short Game


5 Ways To Work On Your Short Game

At Northeast Synthetic Turf, we often provide homeowners with their very own custom putting greens. In fact, before we were Northeast Synthetic Turf we were the New England Putting Green Company. The main reason anyone installs a custom-made putting green in their backyard is to work on their short game (or because they want a fun competitive activity they can enjoy with friends). That’s why we wanted to share our tips on how to improve your putting.

Cut Across The Ball When You Have An Open Setup

A square setup will lead to a steeper swing. Instead, you will want to get your club to slide through the grass and under the ball. You won’t want to go past a 60-degree club stance when you swing. If you angle your clubface to the right before you swing you will be able to bring the club down and across the target line.

Manage Your Left Arm If You Are Chipping

If your goal is to perform a chipping swing, you need to be aware of your left arm. As you pull the club back you want to keep head still and forward, some golfers focus on the dimple in the golf ball to keep their upper body still. On the downswing, your left arm will guide the club as it connects with the golf ball.

When To Use A Long Club

In some cases, you will need to use a longer club that can carry a fringe like a 7 iron. If you are taking a downhill shot you will want to use even a longer club for leverage. Keep your upswing short and use an open stance. You will need to put more weight on your front foot as you bring the club down.

The Perfect Flop Shot

A flop shot or a lob shot utilizes a wedge in order to increase the ball’s height trajectory on a short pitch. To get this upward trajectory the clubhead has to pass the shaft as it comes in contact with the ball. Basically the ball has to be hit underneath and at an angle. Weaken your grip and rotate your hands towards the target to decrease the force that the ball is hit with.

Be Aware Of The Bounce

When you are trying to get a pitch close to your target you should always consider the bounce as part of your shot. Make sure that your hands are aligned with your clubhead and press your hands forward the way you would with a chip shot to avoid getting the club stuck in the grass.

Practice With Your Own Putting Green

Short game is everything when it comes to golf, and the only real way to improve is to practice. You might not always be able to get out to your local golf course, but with your own personal putting green, you can practice to your heart’s content. With Northeast Synthetic Turf you can get your own putting green designed and installed by the best. Contact us to learn more.

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