Should I Install Artificial Grass This Summer?

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Should I Install Artificial Grass This Summer?

Yes! Home and business owners all across the country are switching to artificial grass this summer; why not join in and experience the optimal benefits this installation has to offer? It is time for you to say goodbye to unwanted maintenance and unnecessary costs and hello to more time and money in your pocket. In addition, installing synthetic turf in the summer has a multitude of benefits, including keeping you cool. To learn more about the benefits of artificial grass, the industry experts at Northeast Synthetic Turf have compiled a list of top benefits to ease your decision.


Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass This Summer:


You Will Save On Water:

You save thousands of gallons of water when installing waterless grass/artificial turf in the summer months. In the summer, an average property/homeowner utilizes over 1,000 gallons of water a day mainly to hydrate their lawn. However, with artificial grass, you cut that amount drastically, depending on your other usages. This significant decrease in water will not only help you save money on your upcoming and unwanted water bill but also help protect the planet.


You’ll Have More Free Time:

When you install waterless grass/ artificial turf, you are not only saving money, but you are saving time as well! With waterless grass, you can say goodbye to ever having to maintain your lawn again, including mowing, edging, fertilizing, and more maintenance tasks. Instead, you can enjoy spending time with friends and family.


Provides Landscaping Opportunities:

Artificial grass is highly versatile for a variety of different landscaping needs and projects. When you’re exploring what additions you want to make this summer, consider utilizing synthetic turf for your pool deck, sports field, and anything in between! Synthetic turf is not only extremely manageable, but when installed properly, it is highly safe and can provide you with a safe space right in your yard.


Can Provide Family Fun:

Consider including a putting green with the same materials when looking at your waterless grass installation. This green provides the same benefits as stated above and allows for some serious family fun time! To learn more about your options when it comes to putting greens or waterless grass installations, contact Northeast Synthetic Turf! We provide greens, grass, and more to those all over the Northeast! 


Let’s Improve Your Grass Together This Summer!

If you want a team to install stunning waterless/ artificial grass on your property this summer, look no further than Northeast Synthetic Turf. We are happy to provide you with a risk-free quote for any of our services and answer any questions you may have. To learn more, contact us todaycontact us over the phone, or via the contact form.

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