Why Synthetic Turf is Ideal for Spring Showers

Why Synthetic Turf is Ideal for Spring Showers

Lush Lawns, Rain or Shine: Why Synthetic Turf is Ideal for Spring Showers


With the days getting longer, temperatures are heating up, and the sun shining also brings spring showers. As the famous saying goes, “Spring showers bring May flowers.” this rain offers a sense of newness, which is why you will want your lawn to be adequately equipped this time of the year to prevent any unwanted mud, puddles, waterlogging, and more. To do so, you will want to properly install synthetic turf, commonly referred to as artificial grass. Doing so will negate any adverse effects of the spring showers and provide you peace of mind and green grass all year round! To inform you of the benefits of installing artificial grass on your property, the industry experts at Northeast Synthetic Turf have compiled our list of the benefits of artificial grass during the spring season.


Benefits Of Artificial Grass During Rain Season In New England:


No Mud, Puddles, Or Waterlogging!

Are you sick and tired of kids, adults, and your furry friend tracking mud and dirt into your home? You can get rid of the frustration with artificial grass! Artificial turf/grass does not utilize mud, dirt, or messy products, keeping your home safe from the elements!

Waterless Grass Is Highly Durable

When properly installed with quality materials, artificial grass is extremely durable. Most artificial grass types are waterproof, meaning the rain passes directly over them, allowing for quick drying times. In addition, it means the rain will not affect the grass, leaving it undamaged and great-looking!


How Can I Keep My Artificial Grass Looking Great In The Rain?


Get Professional Installation: One key component to having great waterless grass is ensuring you contact a professional. If you are located in New England, there is no better team to install your waterless grass than the ones at Northeast Synthetic. At Northeast Synthetic, we install the best of the best in terms of product and would be happy to make your property look great this spring!

Sweep The Grass: If rain has brought about leaves or any other debris, gently sweep the turf to ensure the debris does not affect the look of your grass.

Do Not Utilize A Power Washer: If you are looking to clean your grass after a rainstorm, do not use a high-pressure system. It will damage the grass over time. Instead, utilize a leaf blower to remove any leftover water quickly.


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