The Top Benefits Of Installing a Putting Green In Your Backyard

The Top Benefits Of Installing a Putting Green In Your Backyard

Are you an avid golfer looking to improve your shot game? Or just want to have some fun playing putt-putt in your backyard? Then there is no better opportunity than to install an artificial putting green right in the backyard of your home! Installing a putting green can increase the value of your home, provide family fun, and be extremely convenient.

Here Are Our Top Benefits To Installing a Putting Green At Your Home:


Save You Money:

Installing a putting green in your backyard is sure to save you money as your backyard will become virtually maintenance-free. Say goodbye to your lawn maintenance team and sprinkler, as artificial grass is practically maintenance-free.


Provides Family Fun:

What better way to spend time with your family than by playing a fun and un-stressful game of miniature golf? Not only will you be able to have family fun but you will be exercising and working on your shot game all in one.


Increase Home Value:

A backyard putting green is a great way to make your home stand out amongst the rest. It is a great investment not only for your personal golf improvement but also for the overall increase in the value of your home. A putting green can make your home look like a stunning oasis fit with luxury, which is sure to make any buyer interested.



In order to go to the golf course there are several factors you have to prepare and consider. You have to get ready, secure your spot and pay for it all before you can play. With a green right in your backyard, you can skip the hassle and go right to the fun. With Northeast Synthetics putting green installations you can go right from your couch to the green in seconds, allowing you to practice whenever it works for you.


When Should I Contact A Professional?

If you are interested in a backyard putting green, call the expert team at Northeast Synthetic today! We were one of the original dealers for Mirage International here in the Northeast, these products include TourPutt Ultimate Putting Turf and Mirage Waterless Grass, both are patented synthetic turf products that carry a full 10-year warranty. With our installation services and top-quality products you won’t get any of the skidding sounds you may have heard with other putting turf. Our turf accepts chip shots just like the real thing and it checks up and then runs just like the greens at your club!


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Here at Northeast Synthetic Turf we proudly serve the turf needs of communities around New England and New York, but are willing to travel! If you are looking for a putting green or a more simple turf installation, our team of industry experts is here to assist. Give us a call today at 978-360-1828 or through our online contact form for a free quote on turf installation. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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