What Turf Is Best For Athletic Fields?

What Turf Is Best For Athletic Fields?

Here at Northeast Synthetic Turf installation, we work with a variety of clients to install beautiful turf yards. Our turf is great whether you are looking to add a maintenance-free yard to your home or a field for a school, gym, or recreational league. Artificial turf is commonly used by professional sports leagues to provide a balanced, low-maintenance, field solution. If you would like a free quote for any synthetic turf installation projects, please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a turf quote and discuss your project in greater detail.

Are There Differences in Turf Products?

There are many different types of turf products on the market. Not all turf products are high-quality. You want to make sure you choose the right turf provider so that you get turf products that are good for your property. Aside from quality, different turf materials are made for different installations. For example, turf designed for an athletic field often has a softer feel to it. This spongier texture is to prevent injury when playing sports like soccer or football. Plus, the spongier texture helps decrease joint injury when running on the field. Additionally, the blades of grass in athletic turf are designed to feel more natural and mimic the feeling of regular grass. Because athletes at all experience levels get used to a certain feel when playing their sport, athletic turf fields are designed to mimic a real field as close as possible. Alternatively, a turf yard might not be designed to mimic grass texture or provide the same spongy bounce as a natural field would.

What Turf Is Best For An Indoor Gym?

Indoor gyms often get turf installations. Turf in a gym is great for mobility training, moving sleds around with weights, or running a Bootcamp. Like turf for an athletic field, you want to choose a turf material that has good bounce. Gym members may want to use the turf area for yoga or for HIIT training and having a good bounce can help decrease strain on the joints and muscles.

What Turf Is Best For Putting Greens

Golf courses require a lot of maintenance to keep the grass at a certain length. In the game of golf, putting green needs to be carefully maintained. Any extra friction on the ball can greatly impact the game. That is why there is turf made specifically for putting green installations. Many putting greens are designed for homeowners that want to practice their short game while off the course. Putting

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