What Turf Does the NFL Use?

What Turf Does the NFL Use?

It is football season! And if you are a fan of football, you may have noticed some new stadiums in the last few years. More and more NFL teams are renovating stadiums, building new ones, or simply updating their fields. More than half the league’s fields are played on artificial turf. And the same thing is happening to college football teams, high school facilities, and other sports.

Why Does The NFL Use Artificial Turf

There are many factors in considering whether your athletic field should have natural grass vs artificial turf. One of the main reasons is maintenance. Every NFL field has to be consistently maintained. If grass grows too long, it can make playing more difficult. Artificial turf ensures that maintenance costs are decreased since mowing is no longer a concern. Not having to worry about weeding, mowing, or pests, can greatly impact a school or athletic facility’s overhead.

Environmentally Friendly Turf

It might sound counterintuitive, but artificial grass is actually more environmentally friendly than a traditional yard. This is especially true when talking about an athletic field. Every lawn maintenance strategy pollutes in one way or another. Mowing a football field burns fuel, pesticides and fertilizers are equally not good for the environment. By limiting maintenance you not only limit costs but also negative environmental impacts.

Balanced Play On Athletic Turf

Another thing to consider with any field options is how to provide a balanced field for your athletes. A traditional field can become hard to play on when it rains or when there was a recent snowstorm. However, turf is resilient to most weather conditions. Mud doesn’t form with turf and you are unlikely to get an uneven service. Over the course of a football game sections of the field can become indented from the players. This can cause players to slip or trip when running. Turf withstands heavy foot traffic as well as weather, making it the superior option for athletes. This also decreases the risk of injuries caused by slipping or getting tripped up while playing. Because football is such an athletic sport, uneven fields can present real risks for spraining ankles and other joints.

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