4 Benefits of Synthetic Turf Over A Traditional Lawn

4 Benefits of Synthetic Turf Over A Traditional Lawn

As a homeowner, there are literally hundreds of home improvement projects you can plan. From do-it-yourself projects like tiling a bathroom to contractor projects like building a deck. Every project can bring your home one step closer to that dream home. But one of the best projects that millions of homeowners do each year is to install artificial turf. Not only is there an aesthetic appeal, but synthetic turf also has many functional values.

Less Maintenance With Turf

The chief benefit of installing artificial turf for your home or office is the decreased maintenance. With an artificial turf yard, there is no mowing, no weeding, and no yard work. Synthetic turf is virtually maintenance-free. Other than maybe needing to remove leaves that fall on your yard, you will never need to work on your font or backyard again. Which means more time for activities and fun with the family during the summer.

No More Puddling

A regular yard can only soak up so much water before puddles form. And puddles in your front yard can lead to a lot of problems. Aside from the fact that no one wants to step ankle-deep into a muddy puddle, puddles can breed mosquitoes in the spring. Plus, for pet owners, puddles can lead to mud inside your home and can even make your dogs sick if they drink the water in a puddle. Turf doesn’t collect water by using irrigation channels that can move water away from your yard.

Safe For Children & Pets

Another great reason to get artificial turf is that it is safe for your kids and pets. It can prevent tick and other insects from biting your children or your pets, and some turf brands are actually anti-bacterial which will prevent the disease from spreading. Additionally, your kids and pets will not be at risk when coming in contact with harmful chemicals used in pesticides or weed treatments.

A Great Look For Your Home

But of course, the best benefit of artificial turf is no brown spots, no patches of dead grass, and a front yard that looks great year-round. Not only can you enjoy your good looking yard whenever you want, but you no longer have to sink hundreds of dollars into trying to maintain your natural yard.

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