4 Great Exercises to do on Gym Turf

woman using a sled to workout

4 Great Exercises to do on Gym Turf

Throughout the country, many gyms have added synthetic turf. This turf is great for gyms of all sizes as it allows customers to get more out of their membership than simple cardio and weight training machines. Additionally, turf-areas are a great place to do group classes and training. If you gym has synthetic turf, here are a few exercises you should consider doing.

Strength Conditioning with Weighted Sleds

Any gym that has a long stretch of turf against a wall is perfect for using a weighted sled. There are dozens of exercises that can effectively work out your upper and lower body with a sled. A mistake that many gym members make is to simply run and push the sled. Like any exercise, good form prevents injuries and can help you isolate and target specific muscle groups. One effective sled exercise is to work lounges into the sled push. It takes more force to get the sled moving than to keep it moving, so doing short bursts of movement in time with your lunges increases the workload needed to push the sled. Additionally, you can effectively workout your arms and core by getting into a squat and pulling the sled using ropes. Many athletes do sled supersets where they pull the sled one way and then push it back the other way.

Agility Training on Synthetic Turf

Another great use for gym turf is to improve mobility and agility. Using a ladder you can practice short hops and quick steps. Many professional athletes do routine drills at every practice to improve their footwork and increase their mobility. Some gyms even provide mobility classes on their turf areas with multiple stations and workout sets. Utilizing a rope ladder and cones you can work on your speed and replace a long treadmill run with some effective drills designed to improve how you accelerate. Alternating between mobility and speed training and endurance training on cardio machines can greatly improve how you run.

Flexibility Training with Synthetic Turf

Another great use of synthetic turf is utilizing it for yoga, pilates, and similar exercises. Compared to harder surfaces, turf can provide a slight cushion, increasing your comfortability as you switch from position to position. Instead of dealing with your yoga mat sliding or shifting, turf allows you the comfort of the mat without the inconvenience. Turf is also an ideal material to do HIIT exercises including jumping jacks, high knees, and burpees. Because turf has more give than the hard floor you do not need to worry about hurting your joints when doing these exercises.

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