Why Pets Love Synthetic Turf

Why Pets Love Synthetic Turf

At Northeast Synthetic Turf we travel throughout New England installing beautiful turf yards for commercial and residential clients. Our customers often have a lot of questions about turf and are often surprised to find out that some of our most frequent customers are pet owners and dog kennels. Many people assume that pets would prefer a natural lawn to a turf one, but that’s not the case. Not only does synthetic grass make maintenance and cleaning easier for kennels, but pets actually prefer it over natural yards.

Turf Looks & Feels Like Real Grass, Year-Round

A traditional yard goes through phases throughout the year. During the spring and summer, it might be bouncy and full of life, but in the winter grass dies and your yard will be as hard as a concrete sidewalk. One of the benefits of a turf yard is that it mimics a traditional yard’s look and feel all year round. So your dogs can enjoy a lush yard even when it is freezing outside. Your dog doesn’t need to worry about flattening the grass over time and can enjoy rolling around on a full lawn no matter what time of year it is.

Turf for Pets Is Non-Toxic

One fear that pet owners have when getting turf is whether or not it will be safe for their outdoor animals. Turf can actually be safer than a traditional lawn. If you have a dog that loves to eat grass, they are more likely to get sick from eating real grass than from eating or chewing turf that is specifically designed to be safe for animals.

No Insects, Fleas, or Ticks

One of the biggest reasons pets can love turf is that there isn’t a risk of getting an unexpected bite from ticks, mosquitoes, or fleas. An unmaintained yard can quickly become a breeding ground for insects and pests that can bite your dog. But an artificial turf yard will protect your pet from these pests, especially because artificial turf is designed to prevent puddling. Fewer puddles mean less mud tracked in from your dogs while also eliminating potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Artificial Grass is Durable

Our dogs love to play. And sometimes playing can get a little rough (or ruff). But with artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about your dog ripping up your lawn, digging holes, or coming inside with dirt and mud on their paws. It’s the best of both worlds, pets can enjoy a nearly indestructible yard while pet owners can enjoy less maintenance.

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