How Apartment Buildings Are Using Synthetic Turf

How Apartment Buildings Are Using Synthetic Turf

Apartment buildings are always looking for new ways to impress their tenants with amenities. From in-unit laundry to a great outdoor space, apartment buildings throughout the northeast are always finding new ways to stay competitive. From indoor gyms to outdoor spaces for pets, more and more apartment buildings are installing synthetic turf. Due to the low maintenance requirements of synthetic turf and the great look and feel, it is perfect for apartments that want to add another amenity that won’t cost hours and money in labor.

Synthetic Turf For Apartment Pet Spaces

More and more apartment buildings are finding room for furry friends. As more millennials stay in apartments longer and out of the house market, it is important for apartments to meet the needs of this market. This includes offering not only a pet-friendly building but pet-friendly spaces. From dog spas to dog runs, there are a lot of opportunities to give your tenants an easy way to take care of their pets while they live in your building. With synthetic turf in outdoor spaces, you can decrease the need for clean-up. Plus, dogs love outdoor turf. Turf protects pets from fleas and pests and also is resistant to dogs digging and making messes. Pets won’t be able to track in mud and dirt from your turf area either.

Synthetic Turf For Apartment Decks


Whether it is a rooftop space or a midlevel deck, many apartment buildings add outdoor spaces for their tenants to use. This is a great place to lounge and invite friends over. One common trend is to have green space on your roof or deck. This can be a fun space to set up games and give your tenants a semi-private place to enjoy outside. But a natural lawn requires a lot of upkeep and can easily get damaged. Turf on the other hand stays in the same shape year-round.

Synthetic Turf For Apartment Gyms


One of the most common amenities you will find in apartment builds is an indoor gym. By offering your tenants their own included gym membership or membership upcharge, you can ensure that your tenants will love spending even more time in your building. And even in small spaces, a small turf area is a great place for yoga, HIIT training, and mobility exercises. Gyms throughout the country have added turf plots to improve their gyms, and apartment buildings are following suit.

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