What Should You Do If Your Dog Eats Grass?

What Should You Do If Your Dog Eats Grass?

Outdoor time is essential for pets. Depending on the breed of dog you have, your dog may need daily outdoor exercise time on top of bathroom breaks. A lot of large dogs need space to run and play and get their exercise. But if you have an outdoor pet you may notice that they sometimes chew up the lawn. Aside from damaging your yard, grazing on grass can be dangerous for your dogs.

Why Do Dogs Graze on Grass

The main reason dogs chew on grass is anxiety or boredom. Many dogs chew on things when they experience anxiety whether that is furniture or grass. Some vets have suggested that dogs chewing on grass may indicate a deficiency in their diet. Other studies suggest that dogs may eat grass instinctively to induce vomiting. If a dog has an upset stomach from overeating or eating something that doesn’t agree with them they might try to use grass as a way to quickly induce vomiting to take care of the problem. Grass can stimulate their gag reflex and cause vomiting.

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Chews On Grass?

If your dog is eating grass you should keep an eye on them. Most of the time your dog will be fine and simply will vomit, but if they keep going back to grass and are consistently eating it and vomiting you should consider taking them to a vet. Infrequent grass grazing isn’t really an issue, but if you see it happening daily it may be a reason for conern. Additionally eating grass can be significantly dangerous for pets if the grass is treated with pesticides or fertilizers. If you have an outdoor pet make sure any lawn care products are non-toxic.

How Do I Stop Dog From Eating Grass

There are a variety of tricks to help your dog curb its grass-eating habit. But generally, you need to find the root cause. If they are eating grass because they are trying to make up for a deficiency in their diet then maybe it is time to transition them to a new brand of pet food. If your dog seems to be eating grass because of anxiety you may want to bring your dog to a vet. One of the best ways to prevent your dog from chewing up your yard is to install pet-friendly synthetic turf.

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If you would like a no-obligation quote for synthetic turf for your property we would be happy to provide one. Turf is great for pet owners as it is non-toxic and can prevent your dogs from chewing on grass, getting fleas/ticks, or from bringing in the mud.

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