Maintaining Your Artificial Grass

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Maintaining Your Artificial Grass

It’s well known that natural grass requires an extensive amount of maintenance while artificial grass is a bit less strenuous. However, artificial grass still requires some regular maintenance.

Weekly – The only lawn care you need to complete on a monthly basis is the removal of large objects. Once you’ve removed the large object from the lawn, all you need to do is hose it off. You can also remove logs, branches, rocks, etc. and then rinse dust and debris off the blade grass.

Monthly – Every month you’ll want to clean the lawn with a flexible plastic rake, and with a synthetic broom. If you use steel, you’ll absolutely damage the artificial turf. In order to rake the lawn properly, remove large particles that could be buried in an artificial grass pile. Then, rake the lawn again by brushing in the opposite direction.

Watch Out for Bacteria

Bacteria can easily build up in the artifical lawn, especially if you own pets. Professional artifical turf installers by installing antimicrobial acrylic-coated infill over the top turf underlayment.

Be Cautious of Burns

Artificial grass can burn quite easily whether it’s from a charcoal grill or cigarettes. It’s important to keep items like these away from your lawn. Do not cook or expose your lawn to harsh chemicals or you could end up with a burnt patch of lawn!

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