Can Flooding Damage my Synthetic Lawn?

Flooded Lawn

Can Flooding Damage my Synthetic Lawn?

This winter has been a rough one for the Northeast so far. We were hit with the bomb cyclone followed by blistering cold temperatures, and for those of you located along the shoreline, coastal flooding was the major problem the storm caused. The supermoon, combined with high tide and storm winds caused sea swells to rise and begin flooding areas along the coast. The weather recently has not been kind, and major flooding has been an issue for many homeowners. You don’t necessarily have to live along the coast to experience flooding, especially with the recent climate.  Luckily, synthetic grass is not prone to flooding and will likely not be damaged in the unfortunate event of a flood.

What If Synthetic Grass Floods?

Our synthetic grass products have excellent drainage that can prevent flooding under most circumstances. However, in extreme conditions, like what we have seen recently, there may be an overwhelming amount of water or moisture that the drainage system simply cannot keep up with. In this case, the rainwater or runoff water that has accumulated will form puddles within your synthetic lawn. If this happens, it may take a few days before the water fully drains but our synthetic grass is made of flexible, resilient material, and is expertly installed. Flood waters will eventually drain, and your synthetic grass will not be harmed. There may be dirt or debris on the surface of the grass, but the overall integrity of the synthetic grass will be intact. Any remaining debris on the surface can easily be hosed off.

What If Real Grass Floods?

If the same type of flooding were to happen to your real lawn as opposed to a synthetic lawn, initially the same things may happen. Puddles will accumulate, although there may be heavier flooding with a real lawn because the drainage system is not as advanced. With a real lawn, the flood waters will take much longer to dissipate and what’s left will be a muddy mess. Any debris that has been brought with the floods will be mixed in with the mud. A flood can ruin a nice lawn and it can take time to get it back to the way you had it!

If your real lawn has been ravaged by flooding or you’re just sick of the pains and hassles accompanied with a real lawn, contact us today to talk about a synthetic lawn installation for you!

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