Synthetic Grass Can Help Keep your House Clean

Dog with Muddy Paws

Synthetic Grass Can Help Keep your House Clean

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare, muddy footprints all over the floor. It is a pain to clean and chances are if you have kids or pets it is bound to get dirty all over again soon. Another pitfall of having real grass, dirt gets traipsed in almost every time someone comes in the house. If you don’t have a mud room then that dirt is going right where everyone can see it. Synthetic Grass can answer the call yet again!

No More Dirt

Real lawns get beat up and torn apart, whether, from you, your kids, or your pets or other animals, someone or something is always tearing at your grass. This causes dead patches and exposed soil. Sure the soil might be alright when its dry, but when its wet is where the real problems start. If you let your dogs out on a rainy day and they’re running around having a blast, they’re running right over all that mud, and when they come inside, they’re bringing some of that mud with them. Not to mention they just tore up the yard even more. Cleaning dirt and mud is a nuisance but can be easily avoided with synthetic grass! No more exposed dirt, no more muddy paw and footprints!

Pollen and Pesticides

It’s not just dirt and mud that can be picked up and carried into your house from your lawn. Grass pollen can accumulate on your lawn and be picked up and taken inside. For anyone with allergies, you know that more pollen is the last thing you want in your house. Synthetic grass is not real, which means it does not pollinate.

Homeowners will often spray their lawn with chemicals and pesticides to help it grow and keep animals away. Well, these chemicals too can be picked up by your feet and tracked into your home. These chemicals may be toxic and could potentially cause harm to you and your pets.

Ever dream of a muddy footprint-free home? Well here’s your answer! Synthetic grass will keep your house clean and safe by keeping mud, pollen, and pesticides out. Contact Northeast Synthetic Turf for a free estimate on your new Synthetic grass yard!

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