How to Clean Turf

How to Clean Turf

An artificial lawn means you are saying goodbye to mowing, fertilizing, gardening, and the gardener as well. So, you will have more time to lounge in the sun. Your pets can roam around freely without you worrying if they are digging up the lawn. But turf isn’t maintenance-free. You do need to clean this turf occasionally. This costs much less than what you were spending earlier to keep your natural lawn in tip-top condition, but it still requires some work. 

Here are few tips on how to clean turf.

Sweep Your Turf Regularly

Yes, cleaning is required for turf to keep it looking fresh. The debris or dirt may be due to fallen leaves, storms, heavy rains, dust, etc.  You can clean it like a floor using a thick broom or rake. You can use a usual lawn rake as well to clear out the large debris. You should pay attention to heavy traffic areas that may accumulate dirt and debris over time. 

Remove Any Large Debris

Turf lawns are not a known thing for animals and pests. Many local pests and animals will treat turf the same way they would treat a normal lawn. Meaning, even if you don’t own a pet, you may find some surprises in your yard from time to time. Unfortunately, we haven’t invented a turf that cleans that up for itself. While liquids can be quickly washed away with a hose, solids will require someone to pick-up and dispose of them. Not doing this can lead to stains and odors over time.

Mold or mildew growth

At the time of buying turf, you should talk with your turf provide about your local climate. Different turs are better suited for constant sunlight, erratic weather, humid climate, or rainfall. Areas that experience high rainfall will need drains installed otherwise the excess moisture and warmth could lead to mold or mildew. To get rid of mildew, clean your turf regularly and look for standing water. Standing water can also lead to mosquitoes.

Any Other Spills

Whether a bird leaves a surprise in your front yard, or someone knocks over a glass of long island ice tea during a summer BBQ, you should always clean spills. Because turf is artificial, foreign liquids can cause stains, and ruin your turf over time. Treat your turf the way you would treat a patio floor. Simply spray down the area with a hose to remove the residue.

Turf Installation in Massachusetts

Turf requires regular cleaning but it does not require nearly as much maintenance. In order to learn about a turf’s best texture, design, and how to install it, contact NorthEast Synthetic Turf for a free quote.

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